Optimising performance

Give your people the power to perform their best.

Help everyone in your business perform at their highest level with our individual or group coaching services. Research shows that people excel when they’re happy and resilient.

Whether you’re looking to improve your own performance, you have team development requirements, or you want to improve organisational performance, our optimising services can help.


Strengths-based Development

Strength development is a core aspect of Positive Psychology focusing on individual strengths. Emerge’s six-stage process focuses on establishing, exploring, engaging, expanding and exploiting your strengths in order for you to excel. When you work to your strengths you are creative, energised, engaged, open to learning and applying new skills. Realising your strengths enables your best performance.

Optimal Performance Programme

This programme incorporates strengths based development, and is designed to increase an individual’s wellbeing and performance. It has eight modules which focus around the ten factors of wellbeing, positive emotions, meaning, positive relationships, engagement accomplishment, resilience, optimism, vitality, self esteem and self determination. Resulting in positive outcomes such as increased energy, focus, flexibility and adaptability, to name a few.

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