What is Positive Psychology?

Positive Psychology is the science behind making day-to-day lives more fulfilling, and helping people develop their talents.

How is Positive Psychology different from other forms of psychology?

Traditional psychology uses a problem-focused approach. Used effectively, Positive Psychology can complement and extend traditional psychology dominating organisational and employee development.

How will it benefit me or my organisation?

When people are truly happy and motivated at work, there is a ripple effect on higher productivity, engagement, flexibility and learning.

A positive employee has an immediate impact on the organisation. 20-30% of business productivity is determined by the mood of the employees (Daniel Goleman), and it has been proven that positivity is contagious! Research conducted by The Corporate Leadership Council in 2002 found a manager focusing on an employee’s strengths increases that employee’s productivity by up to 36%. Conversely, focusing on weaknesses decreases productivity by up to 26%, and by just being aware of your strengths productivity can increase by up to 17%.

Is your methodology research-based?

Yes, our tools have been designed and rigorously tested by experts in the field of positive psychology. Our material is based on the work of Dr Martin Seligman using his PERMA model, among a number of other reputable psychological researchers. We also regularly update our material from subject matter specialists.

Are you like an Employee Assistance Provider?

We don’t offer therapy or counselling, as we are not psychologists. What we do offer can complement EAP sessions. Some employees may need more support for issues than the typical three sessions from an EAP can provide. Some thrive better learning positive, sustainable behavioural change techniques.

If you don’t offer therapy or counselling, what do you offer?

We are training professionals with experience in organisational and employee development. We offer four services in one-on-one or group settings:

  • Bounceback-ability, a resilience coaching programme
  • Optimising performance
  • Strengths based development
  • Mediation and conflict management

We give you the tools to incorporate Positive Psychology into your workplace for personal growth, which can bring positive outcomes at both work and in your personal life.

We create practical solutions that work because we understand how organisations and people interact.

Our Resilience programme is usually delivered one-on-one.

Our Optimal Performance programme is delivered to individuals and small groups, usually run over a two day period, or tailored to your availability. It is a blended approach to learning, and includes pre-work and assignments during and after the workshop.

Who would use your mediation and conflict management services?

People experiencing conflict who need an independent person to mediate a positive outcome for both parties. Our facilitators have completed intensive mediation training through the Arbitrators and Mediators Institute of New Zealand (AMINZ).

What is your mediation and conflict management process and how does it differ from other services?

Our process complies with the AMINZ code of practice, but how we facilitate it is unique. We use our 6e process – establish, explore, engage, expand, exploit* and then excel. We have a tool called “Frame of Mind” that either party can work through prior to meeting. It helps to reframe the issue in a more positive way, allowing both parties to focus more on joint resolution than on confrontational blaming.

* ‘Exploit’ can have negative connotations especially in mediation. However when we use this strong word, we expect that both parties exploit the areas of mutual connection, to enhance the relationship-building process.

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