The Emerge Story

With an impressive career spanning over 20 years in Human Resources, Organisational and Employee Development for some of New Zealand’s most reputable companies, Adrienne Stormont is the Founder and Director of Emerge.

After a ‘eureka’ moment, Adrienne created Emerge as a solution to the gap she frequently found in organisations. A lot of time, energy and money was spent on employee development, just improving weaknesses and raising employees capabilities to a level of competence. Adrienne saw many unhappy and disengaged employees, and asked, “What would help ensure their happiness and wellbeing? Isn’t everyone capable of flourishing past a level of competence in their role, and entitled to be happy at work?

After studying psychology, Adrienne found her passion in Positive Psychology. It was her ‘eureka’ moment – the science behind employee psychological wellness and positivity. Emerge applies these principles to positivity in the workplace, for individual and organisational benefit.

About Emerge

We’re passionate about developing sustainable wellbeing and engagement at work. We use practical coaching and development strategies based on reputable, scientific research, and on our own 20+ years experience in Human Resources within organisations big and small.

We take the time to understand people, and help create individually-tailored solutions that will enhance their working lives for a consistent and, most importantly, sustained positive impact.

We help people develop the psychological skills and strengths they need for resilience, healthy relationships and improved productivity. Research shows that resilient, positive people are the most engaged and productive employees.

We’re aspirational idealists – we’d like people all over the world, in every kind of workplace, to be happy and engaged. We would love to help you create healthier, happier and more engaged employees.

We take
time to understand people and create individually tailored solutions.

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