Positive Minds,
Positive Workplaces.

Our work is driven by the desire to see people happy and engaged in the workplace. By growing people’s strengths, and building the factors that support positive emotions and flow, we help build their resilience and sustainable positive core. With Positive Psychology we can help create the right conditions to improve their wellbeing and launch them into a deeply satisfying working life.

Flow or ‘getting in the zone’ is the mental state when a person performing an activity feels immersed energised. This focus and full involvement is the key to enjoying the activity and better productivity.

Emerge positive workplace creates employees who have:

Home Circle

These make a huge difference to your people and your organisation.

Our individual coaching, group development and positive conflict management services are all designed to help your people cope with every-day, and, sometimes unusual or unpredictable, demands during their working lives.

It’s about building their psychological reserves so they can meet these expectations and demands in a positive, constructive way. They benefit, and so does the whole organisation.

  • Give your people the skills,
  • strengths and strategies they
  • need to cope with stress, deal
  • with conflict, and improve
  • productivity.


  1. establish your unique strengths
  2. explore how best to use them
  3. engage them better in your daily activities
  4. expand them through new and broader experiences
  5. exploit them to build your success
  6. excel through growth and accomplishment

Building an organisation’s positive core and sustained wellbeing means mastering the skills and knowledge of Positive Psychology. Once learnt, the skill sets are contagious, causing a ripple effect through the entire organisation. Your people will drive the change because positivity is infectious.

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